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How to Activate (for only 4G LTE Prepaid SIM)

Korea SIM Card


How to Register your SIM Card

1. Go to "sim.ktmmobile.com" (in free WiFi), submit information and finish registration.

SIM Card  

USIM Number and Mobile Number are printed in a sticker on this
manual or on the SIM itself.


When you upload the image of your passport, make sure that your
photo and passport number are clearly shown.
(If not, you might have to upload it again.)

Your SIM card will be activated shortly after your registration(within Max. 1 hour). If you register after the working hours, activation process will be completed after 9 am on the next day.
Operation hours: Mon-Fri (9AM~8PM), Weekend&Holiday (10AM~8PM), (7 days a week)

2. Insert your SIM card into your phone. (Be cautious of the SIM size in your phone.)

3. Set your phone, following steps written below.

Settings, Airplane mode off, Wi-Fi off, Data Network on, Repeat to turn on and off the power about 4-5 times Power on / off  

How to Solve Internet Related Problems

If your internet doesn’t work even after the activation is completed, follow this step.

Android Phone

[Settings] → [Wireless and Networks] → [Mobile Networks] → [Access Point Names] →
[New APN] → input the values on the right rectangle → choose [KT] → restart

Name: KTM
APN: alwayson.ktfwing.com
MMSC: http://mmsc.ktfwing.com:9082
MCC: 450

Iphone (before Iphone6)

1[Setting] → [General] → [Reset] → [Reset Network Settings]

2[Setting] → [Carrier] → Turn off [Automatic] → Press [KT] network → restart

After Iphone6 (including Iphone6)

1(under WIFI condition) go to “www.unlockit.co.nz” → click “Create APN”

2Country : Korea → Carrier : KT → click “Create APN”

3“Install Carrier APN” appears → restart


  • Before using the SIM card, register your card through the mobile website. (sim.ktmmobile.com)
  • All LTE or WCDMA country unlock phones from overseas are available.
  • This SIM card must be inserted in '1st SIM slot' supporting WCDMA in case of dual SIM phone.
  • This SIM card is valid for maximum 30 days after your registration.
    (Even in case of all credit used up, you can still answer call and receive messages for free for scheduled 30 days. It will not be cut off.)
  • Activation with Korean Passport is unavailable.
  • Korean SKT 3G(WCDMA) phones can be used (however, MMS or other additional services may be limited).
    And SKT 2G and all LGU+ phones can not be used.

Statement for Private Policy

kt Mmobile company stores and uses your private information in order to activateSIM card and solve customer's consultative problems.
It will be never misused or disclosed.

To Make International Calls

Dial 00345 → Enter Country Code → Enter Area Code → Enter Telephone No.

For the country code and the rate for international call click here.

To Make International Calls  

How to Check Credit Balance

  • Call 080-012-0114(ARS; for free of charge) on your phone. You will receive a text message with your credit balance account instantly.
  • Also, you can call 080-770-0114 and ask staff about your credit balance.

How to Recharge

  • You can recharge here in this homepage.
  • Or you can also recharge at any convenience stores in South Korea in every convenience stores, like 7-Eleven, CU and GS25 nationwide 24/7.
  • Where to Recharge
  • Recharge will be finished at the moment and you will receive notification SMS message in real time.
  • KRW 10,000 / 500MB. Recharge amount is unlimited. All the payment methods are supported including almost all the international credit cards.
  • In case of top-up from CVS, 7-11 and GS25 has easier way which you can simply show your Korean phone number and pay the desired amounts to top-up. In case of any language issues, you can show below table to the reception staff.

  • CU has PIN code base top-up system. (customer top-up on their own) Once the staff is done processing, you will get a receipt with PIN codes printed (11 digits). Then call 080-013-0114 (for free) and follow the message on the line.

Customer Center

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions.

about Purchase or Pick-up : Please send me Facebook Message to ID 'krsim'.
(Your inquiries are responded as checked during the business hours)

about Product, Service, or Register

  1. · Free : 080-770-0114 (on any phone)
    · Charged : 1899-6283 / 070-4906-6283
  2. · Operation Hours (7 days a week)
    Monday to Friday : 9AM ~ 8PM
    Weekends & Holidays : 10AM ~ 8PM