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The Most Reliable and lnexpensive
Mobile Service in Korea

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Why KT Mmobile? (for only 4G LTE Prepaid SIM)

Korea SIM Card

Your Best, Reliable Friend during Your Trip to Korea

the Most Reliable and Inexpensive Mobile Service in Korea

SIM card  

KT Mmobile Prepaid SIM card

Are you planning a trip to Korea? The best communication solution during the trip!
Use Korea’s best 4G LTE prepaid SIM card that allows you to keep using your smartphone,
making calls, text messaging, and internet possible.

The very same product sold in tens of thousands
at three CUs in Incheon International Airport

You can buy it at a discounted price here
(and pick it up in three international airport; Incheon).

Excellent Convenience Compared
with the Other Solutions

Rental phones have a high rate to the home country. Roaming has a high rate for the Internet.
For these reasons, many chose to use Wi-Fi egg. However, have you checked out the reviews?
Wi-Fi egg... there are many inconveniences with the divice.

  • You cannot make urgent calls.
  • There are many places out of service unless you are in Seoul or Jeju.
  • You must turn on and off the device very often as the battery runs out fast and the device gets hot.
  • It does not turn on quickly.
  • Charging cell phone is already a hassle, but you also have to worry about the egg.
  • You have to make a security deposit, and return the device to have the deposit back.

Compare before Choosing!

Check if the calling rate to your home country is second-base.

kt Mmobile 4G LTE Prepaid SIM deducts at a second-base rate.

Other products are minute-based, charging 1 minute for a even 5 second call.

Check the number of minutes for calls to your home country. second-base.

kt Mmobile 4G LTE Prepaid SIM (1GB) provides up to 275 minutes of calls to the U.S.

1GB option from other brands only offer about 40 minutes.

Check if there is convenient dialing feature for overseas calls.

kt Mmobile 4G LTE Prepaid SIM conveniently connects your overseas calls by dialing 00345-(country code)-(phone number)

Other brand products require you to dial a designated phone number (080-xxxx-xxxx)
then choose a language and input phone numbers.

Check if overseas text messaging is available.

It is possible with kt Mmobile 4G LTE Prepaid SIM but not with other brand products.

Check if voice call and data deduction is combined.

kt Mmobile 4G LTE Prepaid SIM deducts voice calls and data combined, a flexible deduction that allows you to
use up given limit.

Other brand products deducts voice calls and data separately, and inefficient method for users.

KT Mmobile Prepaid SIM Card,
a must-have item for a trip to Korea!

  • Overseas text messaging and voice calls available 100% from anywhere in Korea
  • Completely use up the given data and minutes with combined deduction of voice calls,
    text messages, and the Internet
  • Convenient method of just switching the SIM card (you can do it yourself)
  • Keep using your address book and applications
  • The lowest rates available
  • Use Korea’s 010 mobile number (received calls and messages are free of charge)
  • Low price without a safety deposit

kt Mmobile Prepaid SIM Card Features

Korean NO. 1 Telecom Company

SIM card  
SIM card  

1GB (3in1)

compatible with all smartphones

$ 30.8 (price at Inchoen Int'l Airport)

13% off $ 2 6 . 9

SIM card  

2GB (3in1)

compatible with all smartphones

$ 44.1 (price at Inchoen Int'l Airport)

12% off $ 3 8 . 9

SIM card  

1GB General / Micro

for most Smartphones
(not for nano SIM)

$ 26.4 (price at Inchoen Int'l Airport)

13% off $ 2 2 . 9

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