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Title I need a SIM for more than 90 days. What options do I have?
Posted by Korea SIM card (ip:)
  • Date 2018-07-22 10:38:58
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Q. I need a SIM for more than 90 days. What options do I have?


If you are scheduled to stay very long period, I want to recommend you below.



1) Make an order for 30 ~ 90 days SIM


 I recommend you Korea SIM Blue Plus(~90days/ Unlimited data, calls and texts/ Foreign Passport only).

 Or if you want to pick up data only SIM, please choose Korea eSIM Red or Korea SIM Gold(~30days) with unlimited data. 


2) With using above SIM, make your own ARC (Alien Registration Card) during the period.


 With the ARC, you can buy better SIM as like all other Koreans.


3) On getting ARC, visit near telecommunication store around you.


4) Or you can purchase several Gold or Blus Plus SIM cards as long as you want. The phone number will be changed every time.


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