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Korea SIM card Red (4G LTE Data + International Voice) Out-of-stock Recommended 적립금

Basic Information
Product Korea SIM card Red (4G LTE Data + International Voice)
Price $30.80
Special Offer $26.90

To use or earn Naver Mileages, please check out through personal payment window.  

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Korea SIM card Red (4G LTE Data + International Voice)

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Need International Voice Call to Your Homeland?
The Cheapest SIM for 30 days? No other Option but This

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We are answering tens of inquiries by the facebook messenger everyday.

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There are Reasons for the Best Seller.

    The Best Product and The Lowest Price (Genuine Premium KT network, Low Price Guaranteed)

    Free Delivery to Everywhere in Korea (Korea SIM Red)

    Complete Offline Support in Incheon Airports (Staffs wearing Red Cap)

    Realtime Online Consulting (100% Response by FB Messenger)

Service Information

Korea Telecom Network, the Most Reliable Mobile Network Service in Korea
(Everywhere in Korea Including Jeju)

Credit Balances Included which can be Used to Data, Voice and Message.
(1GB: KRW20,000, 2GB: KRW40,000)

Korean Mobile Number(010) Provided for 30 days at the Lowest Price

The Only SIM which can be Used to Make International Calls to Your Homeland

4G LTE(Max. 150Mbps) Everywhere in Korea with Your Own Smartphone

Recharge is Always Possible at CVS (like 7-11 or GS25) All around Korea within 30 days

All the Incomming Calls and Messages for Free of Charge Unlimitedly
(Including Overseas Calls and Messages)

All devices(pad or router etc.) using SIM supported / Data Sharing (Tethering) available

Completely use up the Credit Balances with combined deduction of voice calls, text messages, and the Internet

Compatible with all Smartphone (Support all the SIM types; Nano, Micro and General size)

No need to return / No credit card open or deposit


Korea SIM Card Red

  1GB   US$ 30.8US$ 26.9 (13% OFF)

  2GB   US$ 44.1US$ 38.9 (12% OFF)

Purchase Procedure

Check if your smartphone is unlocked.

When ordering the product, indicate the pick-up date, your name and your passport number in the additional message box

When you order, it is set for pick up at upcoming 5:30PM (GMT+09:00) every working day.
When order, make it sure if your order can be ready for pick up.
Once set, pick up is available at any time during the working time of the desk.
If you are unsure, please ask us by facebook messenger (Facebook ID: krsim)
If you arrive at Incheon Airport, you can order and pick up at anytime.

Take the voucher(Order Summary by email) and passport to the pick-up place and receive the product on the day you designated.


Before using the SIM card, Activate your SIM through the mobile website. ('sim.ktmmobile.com')
Activation Hours : [Mon-Fri 9AM~8PM], [Weekend&Holiday 10AM~8PM], 7 days a week

This SIM card is valid for 30 days after your registration and not extendible.
(Even in case of all credit used up, you can still answer call and receive messages for free for scheduled 30 days. It will not be cut off.)

Compatible with unlocked LTE or WCDMA phone

You can enjoy LTE with the phone which supports Band1(2.1GHz), Band3(1.8GHz) and Band8(900MHz).
Otherwise, 3G will be applied.

This SIM card must be inserted in '1st SIM slot' supporting LTE or WCDMA in case of dual SIM phone.

The product is for foreigners. User’s Passport is needed to complete self registration.

Up to two SIM card can be registered per one passport

If you have troubles with using the SIM, you can consult by Facebook Messenger.
In case we declare the product defect, you can be guided to be refunded.

Where to Pick up

Please check the pick-up location, the open hours and your arrival time for pick-up availability.

In case of an exchange, the purchaser is verified with his/her passport.

1) Incheon International Airport (T1)

On the designated date, pick-up the product from the Staff Wearing Red Cap with 'SIM' Flag at front of CU(CVS) located around Gate10 on the arrival floor of the Incheon International Airport (T1).

Pick up Time : 8AM ~ 8PM, 7days a week. If you can not come during the working time, please choose Free delivery or Korea SIM Blue or Orange.

Incheon International Airport
2) Free Delivery Service

You can get your SIM card at your hotel by free delivery service.

Please select 'delivery service' in option and write down address(hotel name), name and check-in date in order form.

We send parcels at 3PM(GMT+09:00) on every working day. In general, you can expect delivery on the next working day.
(In case of Mountainous territories or Islands or some issues, there may be delayed 1 more working day.)

To Make International Calls

Dial 00345 → Enter Country Code → Enter Area Code → Enter Telephone No.

For the country code and the rate for international call click here.

To Make International Calls

How to Recharge

  • You can recharge here in this homepage.
  • Or you can also recharge at any convenience stores in South Korea in every convenience stores, like 7-Eleven, CU and GS25 nationwide 24/7.
  • Where to Recharge
  • Recharge will be finished at the moment and you will receive notification SMS message in real time.
  • KRW 10,000 / 500MB. Recharge amount is unlimited. All the payment methods are supported including almost all the international credit cards.
  • In case of top-up from CVS, 7-11 and GS25 has easier way which you can simply show your Korean phone number and pay the desired amounts to top-up. In case of any language issues, you can show below table to the reception staff.

  • CU has PIN code base top-up system. (customer top-up on their own) Once the staff is done processing, you will get a receipt with PIN codes printed (11 digits). Then call 080-013-0114 (for free) and follow the message on the line.

Customer Center

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions.

about Purchase or Pick-up : Please send me Facebook Message to ID 'krsim'.
(Your inquiries are responded as checked during the business hours)

about Product, Service, or Register

  1. · Free : 080-770-0114 (on any phone)
    · Charged : 1899-6283 / 070-4906-6283
  2. · Operation Hours (7 days a week)
    Monday to Friday : 9AM ~ 6PM
    Weekends and Holidays : 10AM ~ 6PM

4G LTE Unlimited Data Prepaid SIM Card & WiFi EGG (Router) in Incheon Airport, for Trip to South Korea

4G LTE Unlimited Data Prepaid USIM Cards & Wifi EGG (Router, Pocket Wifi) in Korea at the Lowest Price starting from US$ 2.9 | The very SIM in the Incheon International Airport at discount | Korea SIM Cards powered by SK Telecom and kt(Korea Telecom) network are a Authentic and Reliable Company, that provide the best communication solution in Korea for your personal, local and international communication with unlimited data provided by 4G LTE Prepaid SIM and WiFi EGG. With advanced 4G LTE Technology, Korea unlimited data and prepaid SIM cards and WiFi Router with SKT and KT network, are designed to provide seamless always connected internet and personal local and international crystal clear voice calling at lowest prices. South Korean unlimited data and 4G LTE prepaid SIM help you to connect to internet with no concern and to your loved ones at exciting rates without any voice attenuation or distortion through SK Telecom and kt(Korea Telecom) network. Our Korean unlimited data and 4G LTE prepaid SIM users can now avail the opportunity of enjoying lowest rates in making and receiving calls and SMS service across Korean territories using local number over a lighting fast data connection. Korean SIM and Wifi EGG offer all new prepaid services and packages that are best designed for diverse customer requirements. 4G LTE SIM card in Korea allows you to stay connected with your relatives at unbelievable rates and premium telecommunication qualities with SKT and KT network. South Korea USIM card welcomes you to experience its comprehensive customer support system including rapid complaint responses, and billing statements. We love to make things easier and fast for our valuable users hence we integrate latest updates and trends in our prepaid SIM cards in Korea. We encourage you to browse our wide range of packages on Sim Card Korea and incredible offers keenly prepared for you. Please enjoy your very own Korean prepaid USIM Card and and Pocket Wifi EGG (router) availing the best services like never before. You can pick them up at all the South Korean International Airports including Incheon ariport (Terminal 1, Terminal 2), Gimhae airport (Busan), Gimpo airport, Daegu airport and Jeju airport and at international harbors including Incheon Harbor and Busan harbor.

Total count : Total rate : /5.0

Please leave your reviews here about Korea SIM card Red (4G LTE Data + International Voice).

Product Reviews
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So fast service and very friendly! U Can ask help anytime! It saves my day! Thanks a lot!

Popular message
Jaime Layones Jr 2018-03-16 260 5points

The customer service is excellent.

The product is also very good.


Popular message
Rica 2018-02-28 345 5points

It was easy to purchase and redeem the SIM. krsim facebook message is fast in responding your question.

Popular message
Yuan 2018-02-23 363 5points

I was looking for an international sim card.

International call is really really reallyreallyreallyreally cheap here.

Does it make sense to call the United States at one won per second?

That's amazing....

Popular message
Steve Davis 2018-02-23 377 5points

Very good experience. It is very convenient and easy to take the card. With good speed!!!!

Popular message
Olaf 2018-02-21 361 5points

convenient to order and collect the SIM card from the airport counter. No need to explain in English/Korean with the staff.

Popular message
Joanne 2018-02-21 363 5points

The unlimited data came in helpful especially when you are separated from your group or friends when walking around and needed to google or call them (whatsapp).  Other than that, krsim has provided a splendid experience for us.

Popular message
Piana 2018-02-13 426 4points


Popular message
WENYU 2018-02-13 377 5points

Really reliable. No issues and very easy and fast to claim.

Popular message
JI Hoang 2018-02-13 390 5points

International phone is cheap

Popular message
Daniel 2018-02-06 397 4points

The product was expensive, but I was satisfied because 4G LTE was really fast,,

Popular message
Thomas 2018-02-02 401 4points

Very good internet connection with no difficulty in settings up The stuff also very friendly

Popular message
William 2018-01-31 392 4points



Popular message
Sirota 2018-01-30 399 5points

Perfect, fast connection

Popular message
james 2018-01-30 422 4points

☆ I would like to commend on the excellent customer care service delivered by the company for their patience, sincerity and dedication throughout 2 full days of constant trouble shooting n follw up to help me connect with my teenage child in Korea. ☆

Popular message
Diana Png 2018-01-22 433 5points

This sim card worked well in Korea, fast connection, very convenient to looking for places, getting information, and connecting with friends easily

Popular message
YUMI 2018-01-19 440 5points

Facebook Message customer center is really great.

Popular message
sonia 2018-01-19 407 5points

The network speed is really really good. Highly recommended to get this during trip to Korea.

Popular message
Chean Sin 2018-01-15 403 5points

This data plan was awesome !With high speed internet, you can post your photo and video to social media without worry in anywhere anytime whenever you like!

Popular message
Elyna 2018-01-15 509 5points

Easy to locate. Setup pretty straightforward and no fuss. 4G speed was fast and unlimited as advertised. Very satisfied. :)

Popular message
Vichard 2018-01-08 404 5points

Would suggest to get this SIM card instead of the egg wifi as it’s unlimited and may access to internet anywhere anytime 24/7.

Popular message
Sooyoung 2018-01-08 428 4points

It took some time before I got it working. Overall, excellent service. The connection and speed is great. Highly recommended.

Popular message
Biện Bạch Hiền 2018-01-03 432 4points

Fast Speed and great coverage. Highly recommended!

Popular message
JAN 2018-01-03 408 5points

excellent 4G connection as always! very convenient and user friendly. Will always purchase this SIM card whenever i go to Korea

Popular message
sakura 2017-12-29 394 5points

It's so fast.

Popular message
Jacob 2017-12-26 434 5points

It was very fast and easy to obtain, helped us a lot in regards to navigating and exploring more remote neighborhoods and trains

Popular message
Wei 2017-12-26 385 5points

Smooth and quick process of getting the sim card upon reaching airport. Connection and signal were all good!

Popular message
Aiden 2017-12-26 434 5points

it is fast response to buy the sim card in the web site and easy to get the sim card in korea, and the 4G/LTE is stable when connect internet.

Popular message
Jackson 2017-12-22 446 5points

The connection was good and trustworthy. it's especially good when you are on business trip.

Popular message
Choe 2017-12-21 397 5points

Buying this SIM card is one of the best thing I ever did on our Seoul trip. It made navigating easier and I stayed connected with my family and friends wherever I go. You get unlimited data at super fast internet speed, I couldn't ask for more.

Popular message
Maxime 2017-12-20 407 5points

韓国に出張に来るたびにここsim cardを使用しています。



Popular message
SOUSKE 2017-12-20 404 4points

It's much cheaper than buying it at the airport convenience store or ICN desk!

The goods are identical.

I'd like to recommend you buy in advance.

Popular message
Thérèse 2017-12-20 395 5points

The international calling is really cheap!!

4G data is really fast!!!

Popular message
İsa Yaşar 2017-12-20 375 5points

It was fine:) Didn't have much problems with it. Staffs also helped when i had trouble installing the sim card.

Popular message
Jowins 2017-12-19 388 4points

You can easily get your sim card at arrival hall. The speed is very good and you can access it almost everyway in Korea.

Popular message
Stephanie 2017-12-19 461 5points

excellent 4G connection as always! very convenient and user friendly. Will always purchase this SIM card whenever i go to Korea.

Popular message
Mariane 2017-12-19 447 5points

Great. Very cheaper than when you buy at the airport. Very easy when you find the place and take it.

Popular message
Ilyas 2017-12-18 395 5points

The data speed is good. I can do video chat without lagging while walking in the street. It is highly recommended.

Popular message
Steven 2017-12-18 435 5points

Hello, krsim facebook message sevice very good .

Popular message
Umair Javed 2017-12-18 440 5points

The goods are too good, but the price is too expensive.

Popular message
Mylin Martinez Garbi 2017-12-14 400 3points

The network speed is fast with good coverage.

Popular message
Eric Volt 2017-12-14 413 5points
12 Very convenient and fast download.Popular message Mayo 2017-12-11 431 5points
11 Very fast and efficient. Will buy again if i go back korea. The network is stable and quite fast. Customer service at the counter is also good. They will help you with the setup and ensure everything is working before you leave. Highly recommended. It is very easy to buy and use too.Popular message Nuri 2017-12-11 426 5points

    Very good. The network is great whether it is easy to share with friends in Busan or Seoul.

Popular message
miu 2017-12-08 492 5points

The internet speed and coverage are good. Also, easy to activate and no need to return after use!

Popular message
Yenchia 2017-12-08 439 5points

The speed is great! It's made my trip more convenient because I frequently use it to connect a gps.

Popular message
froment pierre 2017-12-07 462 4points
7 It took some time before I got it working. Overall, excellent service. The connection and speed is great. Highly recommended.Popular message Amira 2017-12-05 406 4points
6 The sim is super fast and reliable. Highly recommended to whoever loves to connect with the world all the timePopular message Mar 2017-12-05 412 5points
5 Excellent connection during our whole trip, and thanks to that, we were able to surf the internet, plan our trip and find our way around Seoul easily.Popular message Agnes 2017-12-05 490 5points

I love it :). Kind response. Fast reply. User friendly interface website

Popular message
Khamidov Akbar 2017-12-04 451 5points

Service is really awesome....I really enjoying 4G LTE service and also i feel that international call rates are pretty cheap!

Popular message
Sanjay Saini 2017-12-04 528 5points

I was having trouble with the SIM I bought the other day. I messaged the guys on Facebook and they had it fixed up for me in no time. I was very happy with the service I received, thanks!

Popular message
Tonu cotton 2017-12-04 441 5points

Vert fast internet !! 😃 perfect! :):):):)

Popular message
Hoi man 2017-12-04 488 5points

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